Spooky season is upon us, and October is the month that we all are on the lookout to avoid scary things (or find them if you are into ghost hunting). Sometimes, it is your trees and shrubs that look a bit scary!

The soil types in our area tend to bind up important nutrients in the soil, making it difficult for trees and shrubs to get the nutrients they need to maintain their health and to mature. This lack of nutrients is what gives your trees and shrubs the “zombie” look. They aren’t dead, but definitely aren’t thriving either.

Half dead? Half alive?

Either way, Zombie Trees are on the loose, and they are in need of a fertilizer boost!

We highly recommend Deep Root Fertilization be performed on an annual basis. This service can be performed in either the fall or early spring. The process is done with specialized equipment allowing for the water suspended, slow-release fertilizer to be hydro-injected deep below the surface of the soil. This service is performed using a probe under high pressure to help de-compact the soils and deliver the product to the trees feeder roots.

Why is Deep Root Tree and Shrub Fertilization Important?

In most situations, deciduous trees, evergreen trees, and ornamental shrubs are growing in poor soil and need supplemental nutrients for the trees and shrubs to thrive. Deep Root Fertilization increases the growth of young trees and shrubs, increases winter hardiness, improves the color and density of the canopy, as well as help build resistance to overcome disease and naturally fight off insects. This service also helps alleviate soil compaction around the tree’s root system, allowing more air exchange for the roots, while placing the fertilizer where the tree can gain immediate access to the product.

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