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Basic Guide to Lawn Fertilizers

Healthy, green, fertilized grass

Just like we need food and water to give our bodies the nutrients to function at a higher level, your lawn needs the same proper care for its health as well.  Having a thick and green lawn is highly dependent upon the type of nutrients and when it receives those different nutrients.

What is in lawn fertilizer, and when is it best to apply it?

Fertilizers for your lawn will include some sort of combination of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (N, P, and K). The amount of each element in the mixture will change depending on what is best for the soil type in a particular region. This aspect is where having a professional service comes in handy, as they are able to solve the mystery as to what fertilizer is best for your specific area.

Fertilizers are most effective when applied when the soil reaches certain temperatures. Applying them too early could mean that your lawn won’t be able to absorb the added nutrients in the soil. Typically, fertilizer would need to be applied multiple times throughout the growing season, about 6 to 8 weeks apart.

Why is it important to apply fertilizer to my lawn?

Having a properly fertilized lawn, applied with the right mixture of fertilizer is imperative to keeping the lawn healthy and giving it the ability to fight off diseases, drought, and other issues that might be detrimental to its health. 

Here is where Integrated Lawn Care comes in…

Our team of professionals has the knowledge and skill to maintain proper fertilization in your lawn, as well as being able to diagnose other concerns or issues with the lawn. We use a golf course quality, commercial-grade fertilizer that we put out at just the right times of the year for the Pikes Peak Region.

We are able to give you the peace of mind that your lawn is being properly fed the nutrients it needs to not only survive but thrive!

If your lawn is not being currently serviced by an experienced team of lawn care experts, contact us for a free estimate today!