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The Importance of Pre-Emergents for Lawns

Gloved hands holding weeds

Self-management of weeds in your lawn is a hassle, especially during this time of the year and later on in the fall before the snow hits. When left untreated, the weeds quickly take over your lawn and affect the health and growth of your turfgrass. Even if you treat the weeds as they appear with post-emergent weed control, it becomes a daunting task to keep up. The best way to combat this issue is timely applications of pre-emergent weed control so that they do not get a chance to become a nuisance in your lawn in the first place.

What is Pre-Emergent Weed Control?

Pre-emergent weed control is designed to act as a root inhibitor that will in turn suppress those weeds from sprouting during the spring and early summer months. This is usually applied as a broadcast treatment over the entire lawn.

When is the best time to apply a Pre-Emergent to the lawn?

It is imperative to get the pre-emergent down before weeds germinate and begin sprouting.  It is definitely better to be a little early with a pre-emergent treatment than it is to apply it once the weeds have sprouted. This time frame would typically be in the early parts of spring.

What if I have issues with weeds in rock, xeriscape, or other off-lawn areas?

As with the lawn, your rock, xeriscape, and other off-lawn (non-flower bed) areas can be riddled with weeds and become a hassle to control once they begin spreading as well. The same remedy would apply in this situation, a timely application of pre-emergent weed control put down in these areas is the best way to rid yourself of the issue before it even starts. In these areas, a stronger all vegetative pre-emergent control is needed. Learn more about our off-lawn weed control services.

How can Integrated Lawn Care help you with Pre-Emergent Weed Control?

Our strategically timed pre-emergents keep weeds suppressed overall, but we also include spot treatment for weeds that emerge from the soil during the season. By suppressing weeds, we are able to encourage your turf to grow without the constant competition of invasive weeds.

Our team at Integrated Lawn Care is well trained in the art of weed control, as well as fertilization, as well as preventing lawn damaging insects. We have the knowledge and expertise to solve your weed control problems and other lawn care issues without the hassle of trying to figure how to do it on your own or hiring the wrong person who is not as well versed on those aspects of lawn healthcare.

If you are currently a customer with an active Custom Lawn Care Program or Off-Lawn Weed Control Program, we have you covered, so there is no need to worry. If you are currently not a customer of ours, or a customer that does not have an active lawn care or off-lawn weed control program, please contact us today for a free estimate!