Are your trees healthy?

Do you ever wonder if your trees are healthy? Do your trees never seem to grow or change much or do you see decline each year? Trees are very complex organisms and often do not get the amount of care they need to grow in an urban environment, such as a lack of water. Below…

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Spring Aeration and Thatch Management

What is Aeration? Aeration is the process of pulling thousands of small plugs of compacted soil and thatch from the lawn. The method can be varied, but for optimal results, hiring a professional lawn care company (Integrated Lawn & Tree Care) that has trained professionals is your best bet. Our technicians will pay special attention to high…

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Debunking Watering Myths

Have you had a neighbor or friend tell you that your tree is mature and doesn’t need regular watering? Or maybe you water your lawn the same amount from early spring until you shut the sprinklers off in the fall. Take a look at a few key things that we have put together in regards…

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Top 4 Benefits of Fertilizing your Lawn

You spent all summer last year making your landscape perfect, investing time and money into every detail. Your landscape is one of the largest investments you have made. More specifically your lawn, which is why is it important to fertilize and keep the lawn healthy. Learn more about the benefits of fertilizing your lawn in…

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Winter Kill

Winter kill in Southern Colorado is typically caused by the combination of mite damage and winter desiccation. A mild winter may be great for you and I to spend more time outdoors. But it will usually mean an extended warm, dry and windy period for our landscapes. Once we shut the sprinklers off for the winter…

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