Xeriscaping & Other 2018 Commercial Landscaping Trends

Xeriscaping & Other 2018 Commercial Landscaping Trends

Commercial landscaping should help beautify your business, giving customers and clients a positive impression of what you do. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top to impress. But, staying on top of trends will help it be relevant and innovative enough to keep your business from seeming dated.

Consider any of the following 2018 commercial landscaping trends for your property.

Xeriscaping  Xeriscape is a great low maintenance option.

Being a more arid Western state, Colorado is no stranger to droughts and water shortages. By installing xeriscaping, your business can hit its water reduction goals, also lowering operating expenses.

Xeriscape doesn’t have to look wild and unkept. If done properly, your landscaping will still look amazing, while requiring far less water. Of course, this involves using native plants, which require far less care. Many attractive plants grow naturally in Colorado.

Water Management

With the scarcity of water, you benefit greatly from designing landscaping that will make maximum use out of minimal moisture. Consider placing thirsty plants where water runoff naturally accumulates. Group more drought-resistant species together, creating hydro-zones on your property for easier maintenance.

Maintain your irrigation system to avoid wasted water. Also, have a professional check the nozzles and spray patterns to ensure you’re not wasting water on hard surfaces, like cement. Install drip systems to conserve water.

Commercial landscaping can amplify your business.

Also, address soil deficiencies through fertilization, since a healthy lawn requires less water to maintain a deep green appearance.

Green Roofs

Starting on January 1, all commercial properties in Denver that are larger than 25,000 square feet must have a green roof. This means a building should have more structural support to handle the extra weight, but several benefits come with a portion of the roof incorporating a green space. The roof membrane is insulated from the elements, the building looks more attractive with plants growing on it, and it can be a place of refuge in a busy city. Even if your building isn’t big enough to need a green roof, you might still want to consider installing one.

Managing Brush

Wildfires are a serious issue in the Western United States, including Colorado. The destructive force of these fires can wipe out properties in no time. Many cities now have ordinances for brush control on properties, and for good reason. You need to keep the brush on your property at proper levels and away from critical areas. This requires vigilance but has a huge payoff, so hiring a professional experienced in brush management is wise.

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