Fall Perimeter Pest Control

Integrated Lawn Care offers pest control services like perimeter pest control to protect your home from common pests like ants, crickets, and spiders. Our team of professionals know what to look for when identifying signs of different types of pests, so we’ll be able to apply the right type of barrier for the season.

Why is it important in the fall?

As the temperatures drop this time of year, pests are looking for a warm place to hide during the winter months. Your home is the perfect place for them to get cozy from the elements outdoors. For example, ants are not just painful when they bite, they can also be detrimental to the wood in your home as well causing severe and costly damage. Your loved ones become more at risk when ants and other types of harmful pests migrate from outside to enter or hover around your home. If left untreated, it is possible that they can create an infestation and become a great nuisance as we get into the holiday season!

Our professional technicians at Integrated Lawn care is at the ready to create the barrier that your home needs to ward off uninvited guests during the cooler months, and beyond!

It is a matter of health and safety!

Not only does perimeter pest control protect your home and exterior landscaping from damage, but it also protects your family and pets. Allergic reactions are a big concern with many pests, especially when it comes to bites or stings.

Some pests pose a health hazard because of allergic reactions, and poisonous spiders hanging out around the outside of your home pose a safety issue. You don’t want to put your family or pets at risk of an emergency room or veterinary visit because of an adverse reaction to an encounter with one of these insects.

Why choose Integrated Lawn Care for Pest Control Services?

  • We can quickly identify the signs of a specific pest.
  • We know which pests are most active during different seasons.
  • We will apply a barrier that keeps pests out and your family safe.
  • You can bundle our pest control services with our regular lawn care maintenance.

Bundle Your Pest Control Services With Your Lawn Care!!

If you’re preparing your lawn for next season, we’re here to help with all of the proper lawn care maintenance you may need. This includes lawn aeration, fertilization, lawn weed control, tree and shrub care, and perimeter pest control. By offering all of these services together, we make it easy for you to maintain a beautiful lawn and landscaping year-round. 

If you haven’t scheduled lawn care services with us before, learn more about our professional lawn caretree carexeriscape care, and lawn aeration services. You can also call us with questions you have about any of our services!

Ready to serve you and your family,

-The Team at Integrated Lawn Care