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How do you bill customers?

    • We do Credit Card billing. We will charge your card the day a service is performed. We also have a prepay option and/or installment billing.

How do you schedule services?

    • We will schedule your service based on the areas that you live in. We will assign a technician to your property and then schedule depending on the service at certain times of the year when that technician is in your area.

How do you notify me of a scheduled service?

    • We will notify you via email before and after any services at your property.

How do you know what my lawn needs?

    • We know Colorado Springs grasses and soils very well and have developed a program to give the lawns exactly what they need when they need it. Upon your first service we will note any additional items that need to be addressed.

Is it safe for my children and pets?

    • The safety of family and pets is of the upmost importance to us. We are going to send a trained professional to your house and use the safest products we are able to source. Applying them correctly eliminating the possibility over use or misuse of any pesticides.

Can you help me with a watering program?

    • Yes, we have developed a great watering program to help you make sure the lawn is being watered properly.

Do I need to be home in order for a technician to treat my lawn?

    • If you do not have a locked gate, puppy dog, or anything that will prevent the technician to getting the lawn, there is no need for anyone to be at the residence at the time of service.

Is the lawn care program effective in eradicating crabgrass?

    • Yes.

If I signed up at the beginning of the year and already prepaid, can I add or remove services later on?

    • You are welcome to modify your program at any time throughout the year.

Am I locked into a contract once I sign up for your services?

    • Our customers do not sign contract; you are welcome to contact us about terminating your services at any time.

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