Planting a Fruit Tree? Try These in Colorado Springs!

Planting a Fruit Tree? Try These in Colorado Springs!

Growing fruit or any food in your yard is a challenge if you live in the Front Range, including the Colorado Springs area. One of the best ways to ensure success is to select plants well-suited for the climate.

At Integrated Lawn & Tree Care, we want you to succeed in your quest to grow delicious fruit in your yard. Select any of the following trees for a more bounteous harvest.

Recommended Trees Taking good care of your fruit trees from the start is key

While the climate around Colorado Springs certainly presents a challenge, many fruit trees can do quite well here. Among the fruit trees that can handle the climate are:

  • Plum
  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Sour cherries

With a wide variety of these kinds of fruit trees, you get plenty of choices. It helps with the pear and apple trees to plant them near a different variety of pear or apple tree, allowing for cross-pollination. Other fruit trees are self-fertile, making that unnecessary.

Thanks to the late frosts that are common in this area, sweet cherry, apricot, and peach trees typically don’t do well. They are all early bloomers, so the frost can kill too many blossoms.

Caring for Fruit Trees

You should prepare the soil properly before planting, plus stay on top of regular fertilization. Select a spot that’s sunny and has good drainage to put a fruit tree.

During the fruit production period, you need to water fruit trees thoroughly. If the trees don’t get enough hydration, your harvest will be noticeably lacking.

Prune the trees in the winter, avoiding insects and disease that would otherwise be a threat. Thanks to the wide swings in temperatures, you need to apply mulch before the winter hits.

The Benefits of Growing Your Own There are many benefits to having a fruit tree in your yard.

When you choose to grow your own fruit, you reap many rewards. All the time and effort you put into caring for the trees and harvesting the fruit results in so many positives.

  • You know for sure that the fruit hasn’t been in contact with harmful chemicals
  • You can’t buy fresher fruit, meaning it really has been tree-ripened, resulting in better quality
  • You don’t need to take a trip to the store when you run out of fruit in the kitchen
  • Your yard looks more colorful thanks to the blossoms and fruit, plus you get to sit in the shade provided by the tree
  • Fruit trees grow quickly, so they’re excellent when you want to create a barrier on any part of your property

Contact the professional team at Integrated Lawn & Tree Care for help with your fruit trees or anything else in your yard.

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