Off-Lawn Weed Control

Integrated Lawn & Tree’s Off-Lawn Weed Control


Off-lawn weeds are a major source of weeds that get into your lawn. As these off-lawn weeds germinate in rock beds, mulch areas, and other non-turf areas, they can spread their seeds over your entire lawn.

Weeds in off-lawn areas also tend to be highly visible and difficult to remove by hand – making them a major nuisance for homeowners.

Preventing and eliminating off-lawn weeds is part of our xeriscaping weed control program. We apply a high-quality pre-emergent herbicide in March and April to all your non-turf areas.  Preventative weed control is the best kind of weed control, so we get a jump start on eliminating the weeds before they germinate.

Don't let weeds creep into your turf from your rock beds! Integrated Lawn & Tree Care's off-lawn weed control will keep unsightly vegetation at bay with a pre-emergent herbicide.

We then come back six to eight weeks later to spot treat any emergent weeds, eliminating any that may have escaped our pre-emergent weed control treatment. We then do one additional visit, six to eight weeks after that, to spot treat any weeds that remain.

The result is that your rock beds, mulch areas, and stone pathways remain weed-free all season long, and your beautiful lawn too.

And what if you spot weeds popping up between treatments?


All of our weed control services include free visits between our regular treatments to treat any weeds that you may spot in your off-lawn area. We’ll promptly send our technician back to spray and eliminate those weeds.

What does Off-Lawn Weed Control Mean?

With this service, weed control applied in areas that are not your lawn, so areas like mulch beds, rock beds, stone pathways, etc.

Why is Off-Lawn Weed Control Important?


Who wants to spend all their spare time hand pulling weeds out of those rocks beds or mulch beds that border your property? What about the grass that inevitably encroaches into the mulch? Our vegetation control service takes care of it so you don’t have to!

Our Approach: Pre-Emergent Herbicide Plus Post-Emergent Spraying


We guarantee season-long weed control in your rock and bed areas with our Off-Lawn Weed Control Program. This is achieved by applying pre-emergent weed control early in the season. We follow up with post-emergent spraying, and also offer free service calls in between your scheduled treatments to handle any weeds that take root.

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