Perimeter Insect Control

With the Huge Variety of Pests in the Colorado Springs Area – We’ve Got You Covered!


One of the best things about the Colorado Springs area is our great diversity – diversity of plants, terrains, soil types, rocks and yes — even bugs! The number of species of spiders alone in this area might keep you up at night. Add that to the number other insects like millipedes, centipedes, and other creepy crawlers and you’ve got quite a potential for a lawn pest infestation on your hands.

That’s one of the reasons why Integrated Lawn & Tree Care branched out to include Perimeter Pest Control services as part of our lawn care specialties. We had lawn care and tree care customers, again and again, asking us if we could do anything about their lawn pest control problems. So, we have blended our Perimeter Pest Control service with our other offerings to give you complete property care.

We Target Where They Live


Our Perimeter Pest Control strategy targets areas where common lawn pests like grubs, aphids, and other insects love to dwell. We apply an exterior spray to rock beds, in and around shrubs, around the foundation of your house, around landscaped areas that are within 4-5’ of your house, and around points of entry such as your garage doors, exterior doors, and windows. In addition to eliminating these lawn destroying pests before they can get into your home, our treatments also protect plants that are near your home from insect damage.

Our treatments even eliminate venomous spiders and other critters that can harm people and pets.

Got Bugs? We’re Here for You With Top of the Line Insect Control.


Perimeter Insect Control Service

Insects always enter your home from the outside. That’s why we’ve implemented our lawn pest control service — to repel unwanted bugs and insects from your perimeter — greatly reducing the chance they will ever make it into your home. To help you keep these critters at bay, we offer to safely and effectively spray the outside of your home. This service helps maintain the beauty of your home, the health of any indoor plants you might have, and your personal health by reducing bug bites. Let us send your annoying, destructive, uninvited lawn pests packing.

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