Winter Lawn & Tree Care

Protect Your Lawn & Trees From Winter Damage


Winter lawn care is often overlooked, especially in Colorado. When lawns, trees, and shrubs are buried in snow, many people give up working on them until spring. They then lose progress made in the previous months of their hard, dedicated work.

Integrated Lawn & Tree Care believes comprehensive lawn and tree maintenance is a year-round job. See what we can do to make your lawn the healthiest it’s ever been — even in the winter. 

November to April Lawn Care: 

Integrated Lawn & Tree Care offers winter watering of trees and shrubs —an important aspect of winter lawn care — allowing for top-notch hydration.

December to March Lawn Care:

We offer winter mite suppression applications to get rid of lawn pests that don’t go away when the weather gets cold.

We also offer small-scale pruning to get your shrubs into shape before the spring.

Our winter lawn care program keeps your lawn, trees and shrubs healthy and looking great. Give us a call and see what we can do for you!

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