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Lawn care in Colorado Springs is challenging – with our arid climate, our vastly different soil types, our varying terrains – so a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach just doesn’t work here.

That’s why with Integrated Lawn & Tree’s Comprehensive Lawn Care, we partner with you to provide optimal, customized solutions for your lawn.

We are experts on lawn care in Colorado Springs

In addition to our fertilization, aeration, and weed control programs, we provide ongoing feedback and guidance on helping you care for your lawn.   

This feedback is critically important to the maintenance of a healthy lawn. For example, watering guidelines are critical in Colorado Springs – so we provide these to you in written format, so that your watering goes hand-in-hand with our fertilization and weed control programs.

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These services are available on an as needed basis to ensure to maximum health and beauty of your lawn and yard.

Progress You Can Track Online


Your lawn will be treated every 5-6 weeks, 6 times a year.  During each visit, your lawn service technician assesses, treats and notes any conditions found on your lawn and landscape, so that we stay ahead of weeds, lawn fungus, and any other issues that may affect your lawn or landscape’s health.

We record all observation and recommendations, and then send you a follow up email detailing any conditions, feedback and recommendations noted by the technician, along with detail about what we did on the visit.  

You can also track the progress of your lawn and landscape care through our secure customer website. On this site, all information relative to the progress of your lawn, observations and recommendations by your technician, and account history are available to you.

This level of communication only serves to strengthen our partnership with you in the care of your lawn.

We provide quality lawn care to take the guesswork out of having a beautiful lawn!

We’ve got you covered when it comes to understanding when, how, why, and what to use on your lawn. We use the best quality products available to deliver the most professional lawn service possible for a beautiful lawn. If you have high-standards for your lawn, Integrated Lawn & Tree Care is the right company for you.

Local Experts, Local Service


When you call our office, you’re talking to our office right here in Colorado Springs.   We are a family-owned, small business and we take pride in our local knowledge and service.  We started our business in 2001, and our passion for excellence in lawn and tree care has given us a reputation that we have worked hard for. While larger companies have an annual customer retention rate of between 72%-80%, our retention rate is almost 95%! Our #1 reason for losing a customer is due to them moving.

First and last step: Evaluation


Whether you have Kentucky Bluegrass, or Tall Fescue, we have a lawn program that is suited to fit your needs and your own personal expectations for your grass.  Each lawn is different…with its own unique needs. We consider the shade/sun, slope, soil compaction, irrigation, weather trends, and the individualized needs of each lawn and treat accordingly.

Communication is Key!


The day prior to each treatment, we always send a professional email notifying you of your visit scheduled. There will be no surprise visits.

While on your property, your lawn service technician assesses, treats, and notes any found conditions on your lawn or landscape. We notate the observations and lawn conditions on a tablet that links back to your account. We keep track of these conditions over time to track your lawn and landscape’s health. Once the visit is complete, you receive a follow-up email indicating any conditions, feedback, and recommendations noted by the technician, along with detail of what was done on the visit.

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