N-ext Air-8

What is N-ext Air-8?

This natural and biological approach to the old, out-of-date traditional aeration loosens compacted soil and creates breathability, which encourages deeper roots and a thicker, healthier, and drought tolerant lawn!

Two Big Problems in Colorado Spring: Thatch and Compaction

Colorado Spring’s turf and soil types lead to two big problems for lawns in this area: the problem of thatch and the problem of compaction.

Thatch – usually seen as a brown or gray thatch layer in a lawn – is simply a layer of dead roots and stems in your lawn. These unsightly spots can ruin the appearance of a lawn, especially as these thatch areas expand.

Digging deeper, you will see that the soil under the thatch layer is heavily compacted.

Professional Customized Lawn Aeration Service is the Answer

Integrated Lawn & Tree has actual aeration technicians who are trained to evaluate your lawn, including looking at problem areas, thin spots, and high traffic areas.  This will ensure during the application we pay special attention to these very important areas of your lawn.

As with our Comprehensive Lawn Care Services, our Aeration services are customized to the exact conditions of your lawn.

N-ext Air-8 for the Seasons: How Often to Air-8 Your Lawn?

Integrated Lawn & Tree recommends that you aerate your lawn during spring and fall.

Spring – after the winter, lawns are more compacted that at other times of the year. Aeration reduced the compaction, allowing oxygen and moisture into the ground to encourage healthy spring growth.

Summer – This product now allows us to perform an aeration anytime of the growing season. Summer is now even a great time to apply an organic aeration product to your lawn.

Fall – this time of year typically finds a lot of compaction due to root growth from perennial grasses; aeration loosens up the root mass and soil, providing needed oxygen and moisture to the roots.

Soil compaction is a reality for the Colorado Springs area, and it is a major impediment to the growth of health and lush grass. Lawn aeration is the only solution to this problem.

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