New Year… New Lawn Care

New Year… New Lawn Care

I think we’ve all heard that saying “new year, new me” about a million times now. There’s one thing that not many people think about when making their New Year Resolutions, and that’s lawn care. This could be the year that you make a conscious effort to have a healthier lawn all season long. Here are just a few things to add to your resolutions that will go a long way towards that goal.

Irrigation Systems

A great place to start when trying to achieve a beautiful, healthy lawn is your irrigation system and schedule. When you are getting the sprinklers started for the season, it’s never a bad idea to have a professional check for any repairs and make helpful adjustments. You also want to keep a close eye on coverage throughout the year and adjust as necessary. Sticking to an appropriate watering schedule is very important as well. With over 20 plus years of watering Colorado Springs lawns, Integrated Tree & Lawn Care has come up with a great program to conserve water while leaving the lawn beautiful and thick. You never want to set and forget your sprinkler timer; it always needs to be adjusted with the seasons for adequate lawn care.

Mowing & Maintenance

Keeping the lawn mowed and your mower blade sharp are a bigger part of lawn care and overall health than you might think. Letting the grass grow too long and then mowing can send it into shock which can diminish the roots. On the other hand, mowing regularly but with a dull blade can damage the tips of the grass leading to discoloration and loss of moisture. Having your mower tuned up professionally in the offseason and then mowing weekly is the key.

Enlist the Pros

You’ll want to decide early-on what parts of lawn care and maintenance you enjoy and what things you’d like to outsource. Think about what skills and equipment it takes to do all of the work. What can you do versus what would best be left to the professionals? When it comes to things like fertilizer and weed control, misapplication can be harmful to your landscape. 

The professional technicians at Integrated Lawn & Tree Care are trained to apply the correct amount to the right areas in a safe manner. You can call or text Integrated Tree & Lawn Care anytime at 719-259-1551 or contact us online to find out what it would take to get your lawn looking its best in 2020.

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