Preparing and Caring for Your Lawn in the Winter

Preparing and Caring for Your Lawn in the Winter

With winter in full swing here in Colorado Springs, we know that your lawn is one of the last things on your mind. Of course, the turf doesn’t need nearly as much attention as it does in the summer, but it still needs a little bit of lawn care. Because of our arid climate, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you have a healthy green lawn again come springtime.

Avoid Winter Damage

One of the most common things we see in the Pikes Peak region after these frosty months is winter damage. It doesn’t take much to avoid this damage, but it will take just a bit of effort and specialized lawn care. 

Water the Lawn Periodically  

Most people turn their sprinklers off in the late fall and don’t give the lawn a drop of water until the spring. It may seem like the precipitation we get here in Colorado would be enough, but think about this: it takes 10 inches of snow to give the lawn just a single inch of water. This is not nearly enough water to sustain the lawn and ward off winter damage. 

You should be supplementing that natural irrigation with an additional inch of water every two to four weeks. This can be done with a simple hose and sprinkler attachment. You might have to move the hose around the yard a few times, but it’ll be well worth the effort. 

Mite Prevention

A big cause of winter damage here in Colorado is the winter mite. These tiny insects will infest the lawn and suck the life out of it quickly. Watering can help deter them, but specialized lawn care like our winter mite suppression program — along with watering — will make sure to prevent any damage. Check out our blog post all about winter mites here.

Prepare for Spring

Another important winter task to have done is a lawn mower tune-up. This means changing the oil and air filter, checking the spark plug, and sharpening the blade. A dull mower blade or poorly performing mower can cause damage to the lawn. At Integrated Lawn & Tree Care, we do all of that work and more as part of our lawn mower tune-up. We’ll even come to pick it up and drop it back off to you. 

Check out our winter checklist here

Enlist the Pros

For help winterizing your sprinklers, applying a mite-prevention lawn care treatment, and tuning up your mower, leave it all to the pros at Integrated Lawn & Tree Care!

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