Reasons to Hire a Lawn Care Professional in the Winter

Reasons to Hire a Lawn Care Professional in the Winter

When considering your priorities in the winter, where on that list is lawn care? Most people would probably say it’s towards the bottom. While we know the lawn doesn’t need quite as much attention during the winter months, that doesn’t mean it can be left alone altogether. Having a professional lawn care company on your roster through the winter will help immensely 

when the active growing season rolls back around.

One of the major perks of hiring a professional to help with the lawn is peace of mind. When you hire a company you can trust, like Integrated Tree & Lawn Care, you know you’re receiving the highest level of service from well-trained technicians that really care about your lawn and landscape. You’ll be able to rely on their recommendations to be beneficial for your lawn. You also have a great resource for helpful tips when it comes to things like winter watering. In our arid climate, winter watering is paramount to the health of your lawn. It has been mostly dry and windy since before Christmas, which is torture for the turf if you don’t keep up with your winter watering and lawn care. Check out our year-round watering guidelines here.

Another service that we provide through the winter is a monthly Winter Mite Suppression program. Winter mites are one of the most common causes of winter damage to lawns in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. Check out our full blog post on winter mites and how to prevent them here.

All in all, with the help of the professionals at Integrated Tree &  Lawn Care through the winter, you’ll be ten steps ahead with a healthy lawn come spring! Give us a call at (719) 259-1551 or contact us online.

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