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Best Green Places: Black Forest Regional Park

Surrounded by residential subdivisions, Black Forest Regional Park offers a unique open green space with recreational opportunities for the citizens of El Paso County. The Park consists of 385 acres and includes open space, a well-developed trail system, pavilions, playground areas, and multi-use recreational fields. The trail system consists of 3 loops that total approximately 4 miles in length. The trails are open for hiking/jogging, biking, and equestrian use.

Black Forest Regional Park is part of a larger forest of ponderosa pine that extends eastward on a high elevation ridge from Palmer Lake to Elbert County. The Park boasts a collection of several tree species, including Ponderosa Pine (the primary species in the Park, the Park’s pines grow to a height of 60 feet and display a pyramid-shaped crown), Gambel Oak (a hearty oak tree that grows within and near the Ponderosa Pine), Rocky Mountain Douglas Fir (this species inhabits the more dense forest areas of the park, also amidst the Ponderosa Pine) and Aspen (a minor species in the Park, there are several Aspen that grow in the parks open areas). The Park is also home to many native vegetation species, including Blue Grama, Western Wheatgrass. Little Bluestem, mountain muhly and Parry’s Oatgrass.

In addition to forested areas, Black Forest Regional Park also contains meadows and wetlands. The Park is home to many animal species, including a large variety of birds and squirrels that enjoy the Ponderosa Pine habitat. Other wildlife species that have been found in the Black Forest area include hummingbirds, raptors, deer, elk, wild turkeys, and rodents.

Click the address for a map of the park:
4800 Shoup Road, Black Forest, CO 80908

Black Forest ZIP Codes

80106, 80831, 80908, 80962

How Do You Take Care of Your Favorite Green Space – Your Lawn and Trees?

Black Forest Regional Park is filled with trees and open green spaces, nurtured by nature and kept healthy by the care of the people of El Paso County.

Integrated Lawn & Tree Care is all about helping people take care of their favorite green spaces – the lawn and trees around their homes. This is especially important in the Black Forest area, where the arid climate and the soil types can tax lawns, vegetation and trees.

That’s why we offer these services to the residents of Black Forest and the Black Forest area:
Lawn Care
Lawn Aeration
Off-Lawn Weed Control
Xeriscape Care
Tree Care

And to help you be able to comfortably enjoy your beautiful green space while keeping pests out of your home, Integrated Lawn & Tree Care also offers:
Perimeter Pest Control

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