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Best Green Places: Palmer Park

Though officially in Colorado Springs, Palmer Park is close enough to the Cimarron Hills area to be a popular destination for the many residents in this area. At 730 acres, Palmer Park is just slightly smaller than New York City’s Central Park, yet like Central Park, it is a suburban park, entirely enclosed by the city. The Park sits at a high elevation (approximately 6,610 feet at its highest point), offering visitors scenic views of downtown Colorado Spring and even Pikes Peak, which is one of many long distance vistas visible from within the Park.

The Park itself boasts over 25 miles of trails, primarily for hiking, trail riding and equestrian uses, while having only one paved roadway for vehicle uses that meanders through Palmer Park. As a result, the majority of the Park can only be accessed by trail. The Park also has many picnic areas, a community playground, a horse stable, and several multi-use athletic fields including baseball/softball diamonds, volleyball courts and soccer fields. The Park also contain a dog park and an off leash dog area.

Though a developed suburban park, much of the Park is left in a relatively undisturbed natural state – making it a favorite for visitors. Huge sandstone bluffs can be found throughout the Park, with small canyons found between the bluffs. Ponderosa Pine and Douglas Fir dot the landscape, along with scrub oak, cactus and yucca. Animal wildlife is varied, and includes deer, coyotes, foxes, snakes, lizards and even an occasional bear. Eagles and hawks often soar above Park, with owls being commonly heard birds at night within the park grounds.

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3650 Maizeland Road, Cimarron Hills, CO 80909

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Palmer Park, located in Cimarron Hills, CO, contains many beautiful sandstone bluffs.

How Do You Take Care of Your Favorite Green Space?

Most likely, your favorite green space – the one around your home – doesn’t sport sandstone cliffs, miles of hiking trails, or long distance vistas. But it is still pretty awesome to you. It is the place you go to relax after work, to enjoy an evening outdoor meal in the shade of your trees or sitting on your lawn or xeriscape. It is a gathering place for family and friends so yes…it is a special place for you.

This is one reason why Integrated Lawn & Tree Care is your leader in tree care and lawn care in Cimarron Hills. We genuinely enjoy helping people with their lawn and trees. And being a locally owned and operated business, we understand the challenges that lawns and trees face in the Cimarron Hills area – the demands that the arid climate, the soil types, and other environmental factors place on turf and trees.

That’s why we offer these services to the residents of the Cimarron Hills area:
Lawn Care
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And to help you be able to comfortably enjoy your beautiful green space while keeping pests out of your home, Integrated Lawn & Tree Care also offers:
Perimeter Pest Control

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