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Best Green Places: Homestead Ranch Regional Park

One of the favorite green places in the Peyton area is the Homestead Ranch Regional Park. Built on an original homestead site that was settled in 1874, Homestead Ranch Regional Park opened in 1998 and has been a favorite destination for Peyton residents since then. Visitors to the park enjoy a diverse open topography that ranges from rolling, open meadows to tree-covered bluffs that run the length of the park. The central portion of the park has a natural spring-fed pond that attracts wildlife for visitors to enjoy, including fox, coyotes and waterfowl.

The park features several amenities that visitors enjoy, including a stocked fishing pond, a kid-friendly playground, two picnic pavilions with barbeques, and a trail system. The pond is a favorite for catfish fishing. The trial has two loops that run a little over 3 miles in length, running over a rolling topography. The trails are a favorite for local runners, hikers and even horseback riders, who come to enjoy the beauty of the park and the challenging topography.

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16444 Gollihar Road, Peyton, CO 80831

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The Black Squirrel Creek Bridge can be found in Peyton, CO.
Thad Roan from Littleton, CO, USA, Black Squirrel Creek Bridge, CC BY 2.0

Protecting Your Favorite Green Space – Your Own Yard!

Everyone has their favorite personal green space – whether its your own back yard where you retreat for an after-work barbeque, or your front yard where your play with your family or pets, enjoying the lush surroundings of a healthy lawn.

Integrated Lawn & Tree Care understands that your favorite green space is important to you. That’s why we provide expert lawn care, tree care, aeration, and more.

Being a locally owned and operated business, we understand the challenges that lawns and trees face in the Peyton area – the demands that the arid climate, the soil types, and other environmental factors place on turf and trees.

That’s why we offer these services to the residents of Peyton and the Peyton area:
Lawn Care
Lawn Aeration
Off-Lawn Weed Control
Xeriscape Care
Tree Care

And to help you be able to comfortably enjoy your beautiful green space while keeping pests out of your home, Integrated Lawn & Tree Care also offers:
Perimeter Pest Control

Let’s Talk About Your Green Space – and How to Make It Perfect

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