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Integrated Lawn & Tree’s Tree Care Professionals understand that each property consists of a unique arrangement of trees and shrubs that require a customized treatment plan to achieve optimal results. Our Tree Care Programs are targeted in four areas: Fertilization, Disease, Pests, and Watering. If you need tree pruning in Colorado Springs, or any other tree care services, contact us to get a free quote.

What Does Our Tree Care Program Consist Of?

Our comprehensive tree program is must have for all of your tree and shrub care needs. This program consists of periodic assessments, plant healthcare management like tree trimming and fertilizing, and customized service plans to fit your unique landscape accordingly.

We start with a general tree and shrub consultation to address any problems and to identify certain insects or disease damage. We then implement a customized program consisting of cultural techniques, watering tips, chemical controls, deep root fertilization, and aesthetic pruning on an as needed basis.

This program is designed to help our customers take any and all guesswork out of tree and shrub health.

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Daniel Harvey, ISA Certified Arborist

Daniel is an ISA Certified Arborist with over 15 years of experience in tree health care.

Originally from Phoenix, Dan’s has a tremendous passion for tree care which led him to become a Certified Arborist and Licensed Applicator with the state of Colorado.

Like the rest of us, Dan enjoys getting outside on his days off camping, backpacking and even a little woodworking. 

To learn more about what Dan can do for you check out our recent blog post

Additional Tree & Shrub Services

Upon inspection, we will analyze any tree problems and/or suggest preventative maintenance options for your trees and shrubs on an as-needed basis.

Tree Watering Programs

Integrated Lawn & Tree also has tree watering program to help maintain the health of your trees. Ask one of our tree professionals about our customized watering programs.

Treatment Plans

If your trees are already affected by an invader, such as an insect or fungal attack, Integrated Lawn & Tree has a wide variety of highly-effective treatment plans to deal with the problem.

After our initial treatments, we tenaciously follow-up on our treatments with additional applications – customized to your particular problem.

Once we enter into a treatment phase, we are committed to doing whatever we can to save your trees and to restore them to full health.

Our Tree Care plans also include treatments specific to different pests such as the Bark Beetle, Lilac/Ash Borer, Ips Beetle, Mountain Pine Beetle, and Douglas Fir Tussock Moth.

Prevention is the Key to Tree Health

Our tree experts understand that your trees are a significant investment for you. We also know what is involved if you lose a tree – that you have to put out the expense for a new young tree – thus losing the years of growth you earned to get a mature tree.

This is why we will always stress the need for preventative care measures to be applied to your trees, BEFORE there is a problem. It is so much less costly to provide some basic preventative care than to lose one of your beautiful trees.

Our Tree Care Plans involve two fertilization applications and three preventative care treatments. In the spring, we will apply a fungicide to stop diseases and pest from infesting your tree. Summer treatments involve insect control, as trees become more susceptible to insect damage during the hotter, drier months. In the fall, we again apply insect control as well as fungicides to protect your trees over the winter months.

Our Shrub and Tree Service Options Include:

  • Deep root fertilization to include a slow-release Nitroform® fertilizer along with secondary plant foods to guarantee season long feeding (spring or fall)
  • Inspections for health, insects, and disease
  • Specialized programs for insect and disease management
  • Dormant pruning
  • Optional winter watering program

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