Bark Beetle

What is a Bark Beetle?

A vast majority of bark beetles native to North America that are found in our forests, landscapes, and urban environments. A number of these particular insects can cause large swaths of tree mortality if not properly controlled. Bark Beetles get their name because they reproduce in the inner bark layer of the tree whether the tissue is living or dead. The insect will live and feed between the bark and the wood of various species of trees with some attacking only a certain species of tree and others being less picky. Bark Beetles will often attack trees that are already weakened by disease, physical damage, and drought, making proper lawn and tree care on your property the best first line of defense. Healthy trees will produce a resin that will in most cases provide a natural defense against the beetles. Because of large outbreaks in the Rocky Mountain Region surrounding the Mountain Pine Beetle and other beetle species, we have established a preventative management plan to protect your trees from attack.

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