Disease Treatments

If Your Trees are Showing Signs of Disease…Call Us Right Away!

Integrated Lawn & Tree understands that the trees on your property are precious to you. Apart from being a sizable investment, they also beautify your home and provide shade and ornamentation for your home.

When your trees begin to display signs of a disease – the tree disease specialists at Integrated Lawn & Tree can provide curative measures to help save your trees.

In addition to treating your trees for disease – we also set up a program of Deep Root Fertilization that will help prevent your trees from getting diseases in the future. This long-view approach helps you avoid any problems in the future – saving your investment and helping your trees continue in good health for years to come.

Common Diseases for Trees in Colorado Springs


Canker is a common tree disease in this area that can affect any landscape tree. It is characterized by dieback of branches, with oozing appearing from our under the bark on branches and sometimes on the primary stem of the tree. If left untreated, the branches will die completely – threatening the health and life of the entire tree.

Integrated Lawn & Tree can treat canker and provide preventative measures to protect your tree from canker in the future.

Fire Blight

Fire Blight is a serious, bacterial-based disease that is common in ornamental flowering trees. The Fire Blight-causing bacteria is spread by pollinators – especially by insects who spread the bacteria from tree to tree. As a result, Fire Blight can spread quickly – and can kill several trees on a single property.

Integrated Lawn & Tree can treat Fire Blight before it gets out of control. Our treatment plan eliminates the disease causing bacteria before it becomes a huge problem. But time is of the essence – call us as soon as you see evidence of Fire Blight.

Leaf Diseases

While seemingly less damaging, a host of different leaf diseases are common in the Colorado Springs area. These diseases may seem to be just cosmetic, but they can quickly become more serious diseases that affect the health of the entire tree.

Integrated Lawn & Tree will treat your tree’s leaf diseases before they become a bigger problem. Additionally, our treatment plan will restore the natural beauty of your tree – eliminating dead leafs and branches that affect the beauty of your tree.

Other Diseases

Integrated Lawn & Tree treats a host of other diseases – just call us at the first sign of a problem or a disease. Our Tree Disease Experts will respond quickly, setting up an appointment to promptly visit your property and to analyze your tree’s problems – prescribing a treatment plan that will help your tree return to full health.

What is a Tree Disease?

Trees are very much like humans and animals in the fact that they can be susceptible to disease. There are many factors that can lead to a diseased tree to include planting location, weather, soil conditions, and insect carriers.  Most tree diseases will not lead to tree mortality but if not treated can lead to added stress in the tree.

What are the Tree Diseases most common to our landscaped and native trees?

Our Approach

Even though some of the tree diseases we identify in our landscaped trees will not ultimately lead to tree mortality we take a more aggressive approach to help provide long term health and vigor for your trees. We treat every tree disease on a case by case basis as there are multiple treatment options for each disease. We continually monitor the trees health as well as  implement good cultural practices to include proper fertility, soil quality, and supplemental watering to help keep disease to a minimum. In addition to consistent monitoring and applying good cultural practices we provide a range of treatment options to help fight against any type of tree disease.

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