Systemic Treatments

What are Systemic Treatments and how do they work?

Systemic Treatments are water soluble insecticides, antifungals, and nutrients that can be translocated into the trees vascular system. These treatments can either be applied directly into the tree or to the soil surrounding the base of the tree.

 Tree Micro-Injections

Spraying is not always the best or the only solution to treating a tree for a particular problem. In some cases, spraying can pose more problems to the area where the tree is located than what is acceptable. Trees can be in busy traffic areas or areas where it is not permissible to apply pesticides. In these certain cases we rely on tree micro-injections to deliver the necessary product to the tree in a safe manner. Tree Micro-Injections can consist of insecticides, anti-bacterials, or even nutrients. These products are professionally applied with the use of a pressurized capsule at or into the cambium layer of the tree.  The product will then travel in the xylem layer of the trees outward to the rest of the tree. These applications are very timing specific depending on what control is desired.

Basal Soil Drenches

Soil drenching and injecting is a process of hydro-injecting the soils around the root system of a tree for necessary uptake. This service is performed by using a high pressure pump system and probe attachment. The application rate depends on the size of the tree and the location of the injection is within 18 inches of the trunk. This service is performed to help control pests on a season long basis.

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