Tree and Shrub Spraying

What does Tree and Shrub Spraying consist of?

There are various different types of tree spraying that target a broad range of insects, disease, tree transpiration, and growth. The method of application can be performed using either a hand pump style spray device that is very low volume or a large commercial spray system that can cover larger trees at different heights. Each spray application is designed to target a specific pest and different spray techniques may be used for each. One being a foliar type spray that concentrates on the canopy of the tree and controls a wide variety of leaf sucking insects. Other methods of spraying may concentrate on the trunk and bark of the tree to prevent any borer type pests. There are also specialized sprays that help control disease as well as regulate transpiration or moisture loss in the tree. Trees and Shrubs may also be sprayed with a growth regulator to help control crown (branch) growth.

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