Tree and Shrub Watering

Why is Tree and Shrub Watering So Important?

Watering your trees and shrubs is the single most important aspect of keeping them healthy and thriving. Most homeowners and business owners forget about supplementing their trees and shrubs with water during the winter and even the summer months. In most cases, lawn and drip irrigation do not deliver the amount of supplemental water that a tree or shrub needs to stay healthy and survive in the dynamic Colorado climate. When irrigation systems are turned off for the winter months and natural precipitation is minimal, the trees will continue to struggle with maintaining a healthy root system.

When is a Good Time to Water Trees and Shrubs?

Fall and Winter watering should be performed in the months of October-March. Watering should be performed one to two times per month depending on weather and precipitation amounts. Winter watering is best applied when temperatures are above 40 degrees. Summer watering is done in the months of April-September and should be performed at least three times per month. Trees planted in non-turf areas will need extra watering if drip or lawn irrigation is not sufficient.

Our Approach

We offer two separate programs to include both a winter and summer watering service schedule. These programs are completed by hydro-injecting the soils around the drip line of the tree with an added nutrient to increase uptake within the tree itself. This service is performed by using specialized pump equipment that utilizes a probe-type attachment to inject the soils at high pressure and to help alleviate soil de-compaction while delivering supplemental water to the tree’s root system. Our program is performed on a monthly basis and can be customized for every landscape. Call Integrated Lawn and Tree Care — your local lawn care services experts — to discuss your watering program today.

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