Why is it so important to fertilize my lawn in the fall?

Why is it so important to fertilize my lawn in the fall?

Summer heat and traffic are very stressful for our lawns. The cooler temperatures of fall provide a great setting for the lawn to regain strength with a little bit of lawn care. It is actually one of the most important times of year for lawn care because of the fertilizer applications that we can make to a lawn. 

While it’s not going to make the lawn green longer than normal, as this is affected based on soil temperatures, it is going to prepare the lawn for a long winter, giving it the vigor and energy it needs to survive the colder months and also green up quickly in the spring. 

Late summer through fall is the best time for lawn care and applying the majority of the nitrogen-based nutrients that the lawn needs to recover from summer stresses, promote increased density of your turf, and improve the green look of the lawn. These late season lawn care treatments are vital to the overall health of the lawn and cannot be accomplished by just fertilizing in the spring. Applying the wrong nutrients in the spring can promote an unhealthy growth pattern that can cause major health issues in the lawn. Spring through summer fertilizers are geared towards promoting hardiness and good growth in the lawn.

Why is fall the best time to fertilize the lawn? 

  • Supports root growth before a long and chilly winter 
  • The grass has a chance to store nutrients before winter
  • Types of fertilizers we use in the fall help with soil pH 
  • Morning dew and other natural moisture provides water even after irrigation systems are shut down
  • Lawns don’t need as much moisture when fertilized in the late fall

For fall fertilization and all of your lawn care needs, contact Integrated Lawn & Tree Care.

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