Winter Deer Repellant

There are very few creatures more beautiful and magnificent to behold than the various types of deer that roam the Pike’s Peak Region. However, did you know that they can also be one of the main culprits to unsightly and expensive landscaping mishaps as well? As the winter comes, and other food sources become less…

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Fall Perimeter Pest Control

Integrated Lawn Care offers pest control services like perimeter pest control to protect your home from common pests like ants, crickets, and spiders. Our team of professionals know what to look for when identifying signs of different types of pests, so we’ll be able to apply the right type of barrier for the season. Ready…

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The Importance of Moisture During the Fall

The warmer temperatures that we have had recently have given a sense of a “false fall,” so while the weather has been warmer than normal, there is little time remaining for the growing season. This has important implications for the health and beauty of our lawns, especially when it comes to fall watering. At this point in...
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