Lawn Care in Colorado

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Lawn Care in Colorado

Get The Lawn You Deserve

We’ll go above and beyond to achieve the results you want and always treat your turf with the care and respect it deserves.

We all want a healthy, gorgeous lawn, but so few of us have the time to turn that dream into a reality. But if you want that green, thick, weed-free grass without taking on all the extra work, look no further than Integrated Lawn Care!

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Trusted, Local Service

Colorado can be a difficult place to grow a lawn. Our state’s intense seasonal swings and volatile weather conditions present a wide variety of challenges to even the hardiest grasses. All of this is precisely why you need a lawn care company with years of local, hands-on experience. With more than 20 years of local work to our name, we’re familiar with the needs of Colorado’s grasses and know exactly how to get our clients what they want. Additionally, our uniformed technicians undergo extensive training to ensure that they are true experts in their fields.

Year-Round Servicing

While everyone wants a great yard in the summer, winter lawn care is often overlooked, especially in Colorado. When turf is buried in snow, many people give up working on them until spring, losing any progress made in the previous months. At Integrated, we believe comprehensive lawn care is a year-round job. See what we can do to make your grass the healthiest it’s ever been—even in the winter.

Stop Dreaming About Your Perfect Lawn and Get it Today

Our lawn care program includes:

  • A full inspection of your outdoor spaces to identify your unique needs.
  • Customized fertilization treatments to strengthen the turf and encourage new growth.
  • Year-round weed control, including crabgrass, dandelions, and clover.
  • Clear advice on proper watering by one of our licensed and trained experts.
  • Recurring applications across each season for maximum results.
  • Open and thorough communication from start to finish.
  • Easy online progress tracking and feedback submission. 
  • Flexible payment options.  
  • And much more!

Your lawn is so much more than a patch of grass. It’s a complex and sensitive ecosystem that requires attentive and experienced care.

If that sounds like a lot of work, it is! And that’s exactly why you need the best professional lawn care in Colorado. Here at Integrated Lawn Care, our name says it all. Through a proven, reliable system, our yard care experts will have your turf looking its best and at peak health all year. So spare yourself the labor-intensive job and let us give you a hand.

To perform these services, our licensed technicians will schedule 6 visits throughout the growing season, each 1-2 months apart. We pride ourselves on providing clear communication, notification of schedule dates, reminders of upcoming service, and follow-up communication after service is completed.

Family and Pet-Friendly Lawn Care

Getting your turf the care that it needs should never come at the expense of your loved ones.

At Integrated, family and pet-friendly treatments are a cornerstone of our service, and we’ll always go above and beyond to protect your peace of mind. We’ll accomplish this by:

  • Using only safe lawn care products from trusted sources.
  • Maintaining rigorous training standards for all of our technicians to ensure proper application.
  • Communicating with you at every step.
  • Recommending carefully calculated periods of time to avoid specific areas after each treatment.
  • And more.
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Areas We Serve

As a Colorado-based business, we’re proud to serve people all across the Greater Colorado Springs area. Our list of service areas is constantly growing and includes:

  • Black Forest
  • Castle Rock
  • Cimarron Hills